About us

Complete & integrated solutions for 300+ clients, for over 18 years

Logic Systems is a privately owned company with Romanian capital, established in 2004. We actively promote, as solution integrators, products and services that meet the requirements needed to design, implement and maintain a Security and IT infrastructure.
The team of specialists, characterized by competence and respect for the customers, adds value to our products, in order to offer the security and power of a successful business.


During our 18 years of activity, we have worked with over 300 clients on projects for industrial plants, hospitals and residential complexes.

In our 18 years of operation we have built a high-performance and united team

To provide the best service to our customers, we need people we can rely on. So we have built a strong team that consistently delivers to the highest standards. We invest resources in successful partnerships not only with our collaborators, but also with teammates without whom Logic Systems could not provide the same quality service.
full team of engineers, technicians, electricians and support staff
ANRE certification for medium and low voltage installations
dispatch available 24/7
market presence in Romania
customers from various industries and with different business profiles